Julie is an accomplished speaker, coach, singer, songwriter, and musician with a fabulous collection of recordings and poetic writings. Host of one of the best open mic stages in Ontario, for over 20 years in this area, hostess of SONGC!RCLE for the past 5 years, and long time member of SOCAN, Julie has three self written studio albums to her credit and many more projects in the works, including writing a collection of songs each on uke and on piano. You will get to know Jules here, thru her words and melody. You will find links here to selections on various music sites including YouTube, CDBaby, Spotify and Soundcloud. All three records are up on all music platforms.

Whether you attend an OPEN MIC ON THE ROAD summer of 2023, a jazz show with Wolfe Jazz, a duo event with "Olives and Popeye" or "Linz n Jules", you will not be disappointed. Feel free to browse and enjoy!

Music is the medicine!

Julie Ross Live

Julie hosted one of the most enthusiastic Open Mic's every Tuesday night for almost 15 years, and recently ran a SONGC!RCLE writing group weekly on wednesdays 630pm at FIT AS A FIDDLE until it's closure. We are continuing our fun NEW TRAVELLING OPEN MIC summer of 2023 !OPEN MIC SHOWS are fun,and interactive for any talents who wish to hone their skills or try new material, this is a great outlet. Jules will accompany if needed on vocals, guitar or percussion. Currently, you can also catch her at local speaking and musical events, winery's, pubs and gatherings in the community, performing favourites from Tragically Hip to Heart, Joni Mitchell, Sarah McLachlan and Led Zeppelin, and much more. This year we are having great fun with video content that is full of surprises, special events, and creative outlets. Watch for a JAM or SHOW near you! Get out there and support LIVE MUSIC !!! 

For hire- single, duo, trio, jazz quartet and five piece
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Open Mic .ON THE ROAD * CONTINUES summer of 2023*

Hosting our favourite open mic venue for more than 20 years between several awesome venues in Chatham and area, singing and hosting a weekly amateur night in Rondeau, then spending some great musical nights at Beatniks, the open mic that ran for more than 14 years at the *Nest*, the evening continued to be fun and lively, Tuesdays & FRENDZ TAPAS & MARTINI LOUNGE, and CHAMPZ have also held OPEN MIC nites with Julie hosting and singing her heart out with some of the best up and coming and seasoned musicians from Southwestern Ontario and beyond. Join group on FB

Our JAMS always are supplied with two community guitars, a bass, bongos, djembe, three vocal mics, and a box of highly suspicious noise makers. Come and sign up for a spot-3 songs or 15 minutes, show off your talents! Find us online on FB, and Instagram

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OPEN MIC *still on the road* !!!
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A lovely collection of songs written in and around the shores of Erieau, and in and about the village. This CD is full of love and life, warm memories of summertime, sing-a-longs and fun ditties from the last few seasons. Recorded locally, with the help of local musicians, and creative artists, I am very proud of this collection. There's not much rock n roll on this record, but the rhythms and lyrics are melodic and playful.
Eleven songs fill the disk with a folk, americana vibe. Its a summer album!


2017 Lyric Jar Music/ SOCAN all songs written by Julie Ross

Recorded w/ Bren Dube, Chatham ON



etransfer to lyricjar@gmail.com for a physical or digital copy




Vocals- Julie Ross

Guitars-Julie Ross, Bren Dube

Upright Bass- Rick VanRycheghem

Uke- Julie Ross

Djembe- Julie Ross, Bren Dube, Cam Dube

Accordian- Rick VanRycheghem

Electric Bass- Bren Dube

Banjo- Rick VanRycheghem



01 Lady Life

02 From Now On

03 Been There

04 Broken

05 All The Things

06 Home

07 Best Is Yet To Come

08 Time Will Tell

09 Who Knew

10 Letters To Erieau

11 Bye & By



One of the best CD put out that year from our local scene. Julie is best known for hosting Open Mic Tuesday nights at the Elephants Nest which was swarming with local talent waiting to perform. The CD plays into this theme as several musicians from town appear on the tracks recorded at Franks Music Centre, downtown, Chatham. Julie is well known as an acoustic performer but this album of originals shows her ability to play in a band also.
Thirteen songs fill the disk with an easy listening, pop, acoustic rock, feel good album!


1999 Lyric Jar Music/ SOCAN all songs written by Julie Ross

Recorded at Eyrespace Studios, Chatham ON







Vocals- Julie Ross, Linz, Bob Hiltz

Guitar- Dan Martin, Andy Tattersall, Steve Eyres, Daryl Denault, Julie Ross

Bass- Andy Martin, Bob Hiltz, Brett Hunter

Mandolin- Julie Ross

Congas- Drew Thomas

Drums- Phil Caron, Spence Eyres, Pat Crone

Accordian- Benoit Deschenes

Keyboard- Nick Novosad

Saprano Sax- Mark Wagter



01 Middle Ground

02 The Real Deal

03 Back to You

04 Should've Known Better

05 Where Are You Now

06 Unspoken

07 Jenny's Luck

08 It's Alright

09 Just in Case

10 Shades of Grey

11 Let it Go

12 Do You Remember

13 This is Me



This is the follow up disk to 1999's 'Middle Ground.' Julie continues to hold her own as one of Chatham's most accessible and visible performers. Once again Julie brings many of her local musician friends to perform on her disc.


2004 Lyric Jar Music/ SOCAN all songs written by Julie Ross

Recorded at Eyrespace Studios, Chatham ON


Available on iTunes








Vocals- Julie Ross, Bob Hiltz, Carolyn Martin, Linz

Guitar- Julie Ross, Dan Martin, Mario Panayiotis, Daryl Denault, Steve Eyres, Andy Tattersal, Jamie Michaud

Bass- Dave Davidson, Dwane Stevens, Bob Hiltz

Drums- Spence Eyres, Mark Slater

Djembe- Julie Ross

Keyboard-Julie Ross, Bob Hiltz, Tom Starks



01 A Day in the Life

02 Right This Wrong

03 Over You

04 If You Want It

05 Reelin'

06 Damn You

07 To Be You

08 Hold On To

09 My Room

10 Water

11 One More Day



2005 Lyric Jar Music/ SOCAN all songs covered by Julie Ross

Recorded at Eyrespace Studios, Chatham ON














Vocals- Julie Ross, Linz

Guitar- Julie Ross

Piano- Linz



01 Heart Shaped Box- Nirvana

02 Black Hole Sun- Soundgarden

03 Blue- Joni Mitchell

04 River- Joni Mitchell

05 Rearrange- Julie Ross




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