Where you will quickly discover how jules' love for people, fitness, and promoting good health have led to a whole new adventure. Working at numerous gym facilities over the last 20+ years, the knowledge and experience have led to the opening of Fit as a Fiddle and SONGC!RCLE

The fitness studio located at 7 Dover St. is an outlet for the energetic and health conscious side of this complex and hardworking spirit. Jules is a certified EXPERT trainer with near 20 years of teaching group fitness from kickboxing, step, pilates and dance. That takes us here to a more intimate facility than a full gym, with personal training and workshops for all levels of strength and endurance. Family and friends are kept in tip top shape, all the while entertained with pumpin' music and a silly sense of humour.

We want to make you feel better!

What's New?

HUMP DAY MIXER wednesdays 1230pm

WED SONGC!RCLE 630pm (writers & poets)

SPRING into fitness!!!




$20 drop-ins
$12 student drop in
$160 ten class pass (all access)

laugh dance sing move !!!
we want you to feel better !!!
bring a friend or family member FREE to a class!
NEW participants only

KICKBOXING (mondays 1230pm w Jules & cardioKICKBOXING (fridays 1230pm w Lisa)

A vigorous cardio experience for all levels of fitness. Don't be intimidated by the names. You will learn to be self assertive, while improving your cardiovascular and overall physical health. Learn a variety of combinations from boxing, tae kwondo, tai chi, tai bo and turbo jam and P90X combined. It's all here @ **fit's** exciting blend of music and muscle. Be prepared to WORK!


Come for the zumba fitness with Jules, and stay for the "killer abs" at the end, or participate in the abs class and stay for a great yoga routine with Christine. Challenge yourself to stay for the whole thing, getting a heated cardio, a great ab ripper workout, and stretch all in one night. Lots of great music to motivate, and simple but effective dance moves and combos taught in an easy going atmosphere so that all levels of fitness can benefit from zumba and core work.

HATHA YOGA (mondays 630pm)

A relaxing end to the day, this calming setting is perfect recovery. Learn to stretch and breathe correctly with the subtle sounds of music in a quiet, darkened room. You will quickly discover the health benefits which include better muscle recovery and overall stress reduction.


An intense session of intersets, put together with your success in mind. Using small weights and high reps to get the most out of your workout. This will get your heart pumping and your body changing with the guarantee of inches lost and better all around heath and fitness level. The music and environment will inspire you to work hard to attain your physical goals and to make you stronger in your day to day life. We start you out with as low as 2-5lb weights and work you up to improve your endurance and bone density. The result is a stronger, more fit you. Combine the boxing on Wed & the doubles on Tues and just watch your body change!

HUMP DAY MIXER(wednesdays 1230pm)

NEW BOXING DRILLS CLASS, vigorous and stress relieving cardio...FUN FUN FUN...message for a 10 class pass

STRENGTH & STRETCH (thursdays 1230pm w Jules)

A Mixed Bag of movement, sass & stretch, with combinations from various fitness intervals and stretch. One of the new options for the *lunch bunch*

ZUMBA� w Jules (ON HOLD CURRENTLY! PLEASE contact for times, we are looking for a Zumba instructor))

A loud and sassy dance party. Doesn't feel like a work-out, but believe me, it is!!! Don't be shy. Come dance off the pounds!! You'll love the latin flare and the music will make you move !!

BOOTCAMP (10am every saturday)

A vigorous boot camp style session of non stop drills and combos. This has been some time in the making to give you the BEST HARDCORE TRAINING on the schedule to date! BOOTCAMP runs in 8 week sessions. Plan on sweating your butt off in this one literally....

BOXING DRILLS w TRX(530pm on tuesdays)

Advanced training sessions with focus on cardio and weight loss. A mix of specific targeted drills to help improve your power, strength & endurance. The session is loaded with safe technique, while giving you the best all around work, in the least amount of time. Heavy bag and speed bag, drill pads & medicine ball drills. BOX your SOX off!

PILATES * (sign ups ONLY @ 11:15am fridays & NEW wednesdays 530pm)

A complete body conditioning class based on strength through the core, back, abs and hips using gravity to work the muscles. The focus is not only strength, but flexibility and coordination. The end result is a balance between body and mind, with elongated supple muscles and a more svelt profile. Complete balance and posture are greatly improved, as well as your overall fitness level.

TABATAS & MORE(530pm thursdays)

A challenging routine that keeps your heart pumpin',with rockin' music jams, low weights, high reps with tons of balance moves for stability training. This class hits all muscle groups in a short amount of time for an all over body toning, conditioning, strength, endurance, and of course, CORE WORK.

TRX force * (sign ups ONLY personal and ONE SHOTS)

A revolutionary approach that leverages ones own body weight and the force of gravity to develop strength, ideal for all levels of fitness, with total body conditioning in mind. Great to add to your crosstraining fitness routine. You will be amazed at the way this fitness tool makes you feel, and the amazing way it can work your whole body in a short amount of time with few repetitions. If your life is fast paced and you want those results NOW, this is the class for you. Set up as PT's ONLY. Must sign up in advance. (4 week sessions)

Our studio is located at

7 Dover Street

Chatham, ON

N7L 3H8